Blooming Grove Montessori opened in September, 2015 as an extension of Toad Hill Montessori, Inc. Our programs focus on a natural environment and the natural growth and development of children. Nestled on nearly 10 acres on the eastern edge of Madison, Wisconsin. We strive to serve the natural unfolding of each child’s individual development while supporting their growth into a capable and creative person with reverence for the world and its people.

Our school is…

  1. Child centered
    1. Every child works through their own personalized curriculum which supports self-motivation, joy and well being. Each child works at their own pace, thoughtfully guided while exploring their interests. Their passion is our tool for engaging them with the classroom environment. Learning is hands on and our instruction is brain based and developmentally guided.
  2. Prepared for Discovery
    1. In alignment with the Montessori method, we recognize the importance of the classroom environment. Each classroom is carefully prepared to support the needs of the children within its community. Whether this is the low tables and chairs of the young children’s classroom’s or the carefully picked reading material of the older children’s room, we always consider how to support the children’s development into capable and confident people.
  3. Nature Based
    1. We want all children to have the chance to experience the beauty of the natural world. Our school has a gorgeous, ten acre campus which includes playspaces and natural landscaping. The children are able to see the changes of the seasons, observe plant and animal life, and feel at home in the natural world.